Fusion Connect is an Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service to easily connect, analyze, and manage remote products online slots nz

It virtualizes your physical things, links them with reporting devices and through analytics unlocks the data trapped inside to: casino online canada

    • Generate real-world product performance data to improve future designs
    • Predict when products might fail and perform maintenance
    • Create new service revenue and product upgrade opportunities
    • Optimize field supply chain and material replenishment costs
How it Works

Fusion Connect brings Nutonian’s A.I. software to its analytics, automatically extracting meaning from IoT data

Dynamic Prediction engine

By 2020, industrial IoT will comprise 16% of global GDP.* One of the biggest challenges with IoT is making sense of vast, unprecedented data which typically requires a data scientists’ skill set to derive actionable business insights. best online casino ireland

Dynamic Predictive Analytics is powered by technology from Nutonian. Available as an option within Fusion Connect, Nutonian’s Eureqa, an A.I. modeling engine automatically extracts meaning from large data sets and delivers prescriptive solutions. This enables forecasting of product equipment failure with exceptional accuracy. This foresight can drive an evolution of operations, new services and ultimately create a competitive advantage.

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The Benefits

Higher levels of service

Bring your customers a level of support only you can provide based on analytics and insight. Automatically order parts, maintain inventory levels, and reduce costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Keep your products running at peak levels, identify failure before it happens and schedule maintenance downtime when it’s least disruptive.

Monitor product performance

See how your product performs in the real world and use live data to make product improvements and optimize future generations.

New revenue streams

Provide your customers with real time analytics of their products and participate in the product lifecycle as a trusted advisor and partner. Start a journey to product-as-a-service.

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Get Smarter.
Get Connected. Get Ahead.

The Internet of Things isn’t just for consumer devices any more. Forward-thinking manufacturers are standing out from their competitors by building smart, connected machines. Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by optimizing their existing products and capturing the necessary intelligence to offer their customers new services.


See how easy it is to get connected to the
Internet of Things (IoT).

Product Innovation Platform

Traditionally, product development has required multiple disconnected software tools, often resulting in a cumbersome, slow and expensive process. Autodesk is working to fix this
 by creating a product innovation platform called Fusion, which is accelerating/improving the way products are designed, made and used. The Fusion platform brings together a unique set of cloud- connected tools for design, manufacturing, and IoT.


Product Innovation Platform

Leverage Benefits of Cloud Based Product Development

Fusion Connect is cloud native allowing manufacturers to reap these benefits:


Save cost
of hardware


Hyper-scaling to handle big IoT data

Automatic software updates

Automatic software updates

Cloud based back-ups/ disaster recovery

Cloud based back-ups/ disaster recovery

Collaboration & ease of sharing

Collaboration & ability to leverage 3rd party services