Fusion Connect brings Nutonian’s A.I. software to its analytics, automatically extracting meaning from IoT data

By 2020, industrial IoT will comprise 16% of global GDP.* One of the biggest challenges with IoT is making sense of vast, unprecedented data which typically requires a data scientists’ skill set to derive actionable business insights.

Dynamic Predictive Analytics will be powered by technology from Nutonian.  Available soon as an option within Fusion Connect, Nutonian’s Eureqa, an A.I. modeling engine automatically extracts meaning from large data sets and delivers prescriptive solutions.

This enables forecasting of product equipment failure with exceptional accuracy.  This foresight can drive an evolution of operations, new services and ultimately create a competitive advantage.

Making Data Science & IoT Simplified and Affordable

Nutonian and Fusion Connect share the same goal of making IoT & data science - two of the most important factors shaping manufacturing today – both simplified and affordable.  Fusion Connect and Nutonian put supercomputer levels of data science within reach of even small and mid-size manufacturers.

Receive A Complimentary Data Analysis with Dynamic Predictive Analytics.

Leverage Benefits of Cloud Based Product Development

Fusion Connect is cloud native allowing manufacturers to reap these benefits:


Save cost
of hardware


Hyper-scaling to handle big IoT data

Automatic software updates

Automatic software updates

Cloud based back-ups/ disaster recovery

Cloud based back-ups/ disaster recovery

Collaboration & ease of sharing

Collaboration & ability to leverage 3rd party services