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How Griswold Water Systems & Autodesk IoT Save Water, Money & Lives

Griswold Water Systems (GWS) wanted to change the extensive use of toxic chemicals to treat water used in cooling towers and engineered a new system treating the water with electrical fields. Water cooling towers sit atop buildings and work by lowering the building’s temperature through water evaporation. GWS, and its partners Autodesk and Hollis Controls added remote monitoring with IoT to provide the security of knowing that treatment is working. Autodesk’s IoT system sends instant notifications which enables rapid deployment of human service if a problem occurs within the cooling tower.

The average GWS customer now uses 17-28% less water and saves $25K per cooling tower each year.  Average cooling tower system uptime is increase by 85%.

Finally, by preventing biofilm, the new system reduces the very real risk of a legionella outbreak.  Water cooling towers can be a source of legionella disease which has no vaccine & kills 10% of those infected.

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How To Leverage IIoT & Create New Services & Revenue

Do you really know how customers are using your products today? Can you delight customers with better quality products? See an example of how manufacturers can leverage Fusion Connect to transform business by creating new services and revenue. Many customers drive measurable results with Autodesk Fusion Connect within 30 days.


FT Future of Manufacturing Summit:
London | 04 October 2016

During a keynote from the FT 2016 Future of Manufacturing Summit, Amar Hanspal Autodesk, SVP Products discusses:

  • Key factors shaping manufacturing and the product development process.
  • A view into where Autodesk believes the Future of Making Things is headed and the radical changes it will bring with the way things are designed, made, and used.
  • Examples of how Autodesk customers have leveraged this disruption as their opportunity to redefine the manufacturing process.

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Recent Webinars & Videos 

Enterprise-iot-will-disrupt-industry-are-you-ready? hosted webinar.

Enterprise IoT Will Disrupt Your Industry. Are You Ready?

Godfrey Chua, Principal Analyst at Machina Research and Autodesk Head of IoT, Bryan Kester will explain IIoT developments and the key trends that define the reality of the market today. Shawn Wasserman, the IoT Editor at hosted this webinar.  

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What can IoT do for manufacturers? Webinar

Did you know that by 2020, industrial IoT will comprise 16% of global GDP? With this rapid change every manufacturer needs a smart, connected product strategy. Autodesk’s Head of IoT, Bryan Kester explains how Autodesk Fusion Connect helps industrial manufacturers connect, analyze, and manage their products…without coding.

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O’Reilly Conference: Designing the Internet of Things with Carl Bass

With sensors embedded all around us, data and design will need to converge to realize the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT). During a keynote from the 2016 Design Conference in San Francisco, Autodesk CEO Carl Bass examines the tools, techniques, and trends that will affect how things are made.

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Autodesk Forge 2016

Why Now? The Ecosystem Conditions That Have Converged to Make IoT Possible.

Padma Duvvuri, Electricimp; Daniel Obodovski, Author/Advisor; Patrick Hughes, Verizon Wireless; Moderator: Diego Tamburini, Autodesk

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Events & Webinars

  • Smart Manufacturing Seminar Series

    Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
    May 24, 2017 | Cincinnati, OH

    Three Ways Manufacturers Can Create New Services & Revenue with IoT
    Diego Tamburini, Design & Manufacturing Industry Strategist, Autodesk

    By 2020, industrial IoT will comprise 16% of global GDP. Many companies have similar questions around what IoT means for them and how they can put an IoT strategy into practice. In this interactive session, Diego discuss three (3) ways manufacturers can create new services and revenue with IoT. He will also discuss the importance of machine learning analytics in deriving business value from the big data generated from the IoT.


  • Webinar: Build Smart, Connected Product Services in 30 Days or Less with Autodesk Fusion Connect

    Hosted by Advanced Solutions & Kevin Robinson
    Thursday, June 8th 11-12pm EST

    Join three industry professionals who are veterans of successful IIoT implementations as they share their insights and lessons learned in the trenches, starting with key steps to take leading up to launching a proof-of-concept (POC), including developing a problem statement, honing your value statement, aligning stakeholders, and surveying potential solutions.

    Highlights included:

    • Generate real-world product performance data to improve future designs
    • Predict when products might fail and perform maintenance
    • Create new service revenue and product upgrade opportunities
    • Optimize field supply chain and material replenishment costs

    Learn more or add facebook event.

  • frost-sullivan-event

    Frost & Sullivan Leadership Summit

    June 12-14, 2017 | Huntington Beach, CA

    Think Tank Session:
    Game-Changing Transformative Technologies:
    Industrial IoT: Prioritizing Investments for a Connected Future with Bryan Kester, Autodesk Head of IoT

  • Accelerate-2016-logo-300-100px


    Sept 21-22, 2017 | Boston
    Accelerate brings together Autodesk customers, industry executives, top market analysts, and subject matter experts to learn, network, and share strategies for solving modern design and manufacturing challenges. Accelerate 2017 will engage, energize, and excite the community with a focus on Autodesk’s Product Innovation Platform, integrating the entire lifecycle including PLM, CAD, Advanced Manufacturing, and IoT.


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  • autodesk-university-logo-300x100px

    Mark Your Calendars for AU2017

    November 14-16, 2017 | The Venetian
    Las Vegas

    Shape the future. Be the change. The Autodesk conference for those who design, build, make & create. Events and classes centering around: Architectural Design | AutoCAD and General Design | Autodesk in Education | CAD Management | Building Construction | Civil Infrastructure | Design Visualization | Manufacturing and Production | Product Design | Reality Computing | Simulation | Sustainability





  • Forge Pic

    Autodesk to Developers: May the Forge Be With You

    SeeControl services help manufacturers incorporate sensors into their products and then manage them remotely and collect the data they spew forth. Autodesk CAD/CAM rival PTC’s offerings which has also been pushing into IoT including some Vuforia assets acquired from Qualcomm.

  • SeeControl Screenshot

    Technology Evaluation Center logo

    Manufacturers to See Better Product Performance via Autodesk’s Cloud IoT Platform

    Written By: PJ Jakovljevic

  • community_blog-IoTted talk

    5 Internet of Things TED Talks

    We wanted to make it easy for you to watch the ever growing number of informative videos around IoT. These are 5 insightful videos from locations all around the world, thanks to TED.

    The world’s largest & most comprehensive IoT event

  • community_blog-IoT Curve

    The IoT Adaption Curve

    This week something somewhat seminal happened for us in the Internet of Things around expectations. Coke announced it was experimenting with a connected soda can.

  • community_blog-IoT uber

    What is product-as-a-service?

    Manufacturers and businesses have typically focused on selling physical products in a one-time transaction. And often, the product is followed by a warranty or service contract to replace or repair the product, which is a service.


Watch the AU Keynote

Autodesk University Keynote: Future of IoT (Carl Bass)

Hear Autodesk CEO Carl Bass talk about the future of Internet of Things during the Autodesk University 2015 Keynote session.

At Autodesk University, we launched Autodesk SeeControl (now Fusion Connect), our first comprehensive IoT solution. For several years, manufacturers have been developing products using Autodesk cloud services like Fusion 360 and PLM 360 (Now Fusion Lifecycle)

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