Pre-integrated IoT Devices and Technologies

Fusion Connect connects devices via data adapters in the cloud, which operate similarly to printer drivers. Data adapters encapsulate an IP-based communications protocol and then parses a specific data format. For example, the service provides a CoAP adapter that handles binary data, or a UDP adapter that handles text data. The platform currently supports all M2M and IoT protocols, as well as vendor-specific technology from over 50 device and sensor suppliers. Fusion Connect frees you from the lack of IoT standards by embracing the diversity of technologies in use today, so you can start launching solutions now. The platform leads the way when it comes to device security, scalability, and management simplicity when compared to other approaches.

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Fusion Connect IoT device flow

Device Messaging & Data Mapping

Fusion Connect regularly adds both IoT standards as well as vendor-specific technology to the cloud service. During account sign up, you will be given a port range on Fusion Connect servers that can handle two-way traffic and data normalization for your particular device type(s). Once you have device data in your account, you use a simple visual mapping to transform the “coded” data in your messages to human-understandable labels and data types such as “Temperature”. Then the data is linked to virtualized products, things and assets you model in the service. Your account can support an unlimited number of hardware technologies in your solution. There are four ways for devices to communicate with Fusion Connect:


Use the Library

The platform offers extensive support of open standards and vendor-specific technology including gateways, mesh networking technology, sensors and embedded modules.

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Create Your Own

You can write your own adapter for the IoT cloud using your protocol and language/data format of choice.

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Use the Device API

Post device data from a web server enabled system or device using a convenient SOAP and REST API.


Request Something

Call us to add support for your unique machine, gateway, sensor or product. Additions typically take 1-2 days for beta and a week for live testing.

Device Management

The service provides comprehensive Device Management functions for monitoring device connection status, health, data usage, firmware configuration and remote setting/instruction. The platform can also auto-discover and register devices. Device management is available based on the types of devices your using and what your chosen vendor(s) allows. Please contact us with any device management questions or to verify if your device type is supported.

Device Onboarding and Logistics

Once devices are communicating with Fusion Connect, you can use the Fusion Connect device logistics module to handle multi-site inventory management, installation, decommissioning, warranty tracking, RMAs/Returns and other facets of the physical device supply chain. This module supports mass uploads and rule checking of information for large-scale rollouts. Devices and machines can also auto-provision based on messaging to the Fusion Connect platform and then passing rule and policy checks.


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