Manufacturers to See Better Product Performance via Autodesk’s Cloud IoT Platform

Article excerpt from: Technology Evaluation Centers
Written By: PJ Jakovljevic

preimer-screenAutodesk recently announced Autodesk Fusion Connect, a new cloud Internet of Things (IoT) platform that will allow customers to capture, analyze, and use data and intelligence from remote products in the machinery and specialty vehicles industries. The platform will allow manufacturing companies to continuously monitor the behavior of connected products, anticipate potential problems, and schedule preventative maintenance to reduce product and equipment downtime quickly and efficiently. Today, more than 60 companies use the SeeControl cloud IoT platform to manage approximately 1 million assets.

According to McKinsey, the number of connected things will exceed 50 billion by 2020, creating incredible possibilities to make our lives more efficient, convenient, and easier. Many of us may relate to connected things most personally with wearable technology such as the latest FitBit Charge or Apple Watch. Such things contain microprocessors, sensors actuators, media, and software. Sensors monitor the things’ behavior, and collect and disseminate data about their use in relation to their context, other things, and humans.