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Online Course

IoT Fundamentals & Examples of Business Transformation

Drawn from the book Precision by Dr. Timothy Chou. This online course provides:

  • A Five Point Framework: which explains the fundamentals of enterprise IoT needed to craft your company’s IoT strategy.
  • 14 Enterprise IoT Case Studies: demonstrating how companies transformed their businesses.

Timothy Chou is the former President of Oracle on Demand and has been a lecturer at Stanford University for 30+ years.



Whitepapers & Infographics

Top 10 Considerations For a Successful Iot Implementation

Top 10 Considerations For a Successful IoT Implementation

Industrial engineers need to understand the Internet of Things (IoT) as customer and internal operations become increasingly connected.

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nutonian machine-learning-golden age analytics fusion connect Whitepaper

Machine Learning: The Golden Age of Analytics Whitepaper

Key trends in machine learning and the ability to automatically convert raw data into a competitive advantage.

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Autodesk-Fusion Connnect 10 Ten Things whitepaper-cover

10 Things you should know about IoT and the Industrial Internet

A quick Autodesk Fusion Connect primer on the what IoT is and the technology involved.

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Tech-Clarity Ten Build-Buy Factors for IoT Platforms

Ten Build-Buy Factors for IoT Platforms E-Book

  • The top ten things companies need to consider to make sure their IoT platform scales
  • How manufacturers are transforming their business with connected products
  • The common pitfalls companies discover in early IoT exploration

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Enterprise IoT Is A Game Changer For Manufacturers Infographic

This infographic highlights key research findings from the Autodesk/Taxal Research Study of IoT Trends & Situations; August, 2016.

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3 Ways IoT is Helping Save Water, Money... and Lives Infographic

3 Ways IoT is Helping Save Water, Money… & Lives Infographic

This infographic highlights how a partnership with Griswold Water Systems, Hollis Controls and Fusion Connect is saving water money and lives… with IoT.

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