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Autodesk-Fusion-Connect- Machina Research Webinar 2017 Predictions

Machina Research IoT Predictions 2017

with Machina co-founders Jim Morrish and Matt Hatton and Principal Analyst, Emil Berthelsen

Machina co-founders Jim Morrish and Matt Hatton their Principal Analyst, Emil Berthelsen discuss what they think will happen in 2017, derived from a host of suggestions from Machina Research’s market leading analyst team.

The last twelve months has seen some momentous events in the development of IoT. It saw some massive and crucial M&A including Cisco’s purchase of Jasper Technologies, Softbank’s acquisition of ARM, and Qualcomm’s of NXP. Some of the biggest technology deals of the year were focused on the pursuit of IoT. On the technology side, we saw the arrival of the NB-IoT standard, and further roll outs of LoRa and Sigfox. There were also some hair-raising security challenges hitting home in 2016 including the well-publicized DDOS attack in October.

What does 2017 hold in store? Watch this webinar for the Machina Research IoT Predictions 2017 webinar to find out. You can expect talk on 5G, virtualisation, data management, analytics, security, machine learning and cognitive systems, amongst many others.

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