SeeControl offers several turnkey applications for systems integrators and service providers to rapidly create new market opportunity. Each solution includes a device, a cellular network connection, and a web application in one convenient monthly fee. Or you can acquire the devices and network connection yourself. All these solutions can be customized by you or with help from SeeControl or SeeControl-certified partners.



EnergySensr is a customizable cloud service for energy data collection, mapping and control. It provides the highest level of granularity available in enterprise energy management with 1 second sampling and real-time data analysis. Energy consumption can be flexibly mapped to any machine or business process and then fused with local utility rates to help you optimize your operations. It uses virtually any IP-based sub-meter or pulse counter on the market. LEARN MORE >>>



ThingSensr is a ready-made sandbox and device testing cloud that helps connected product makers and IoT enthusiasts get their projects online overnight. It supports common developer hardware kits from ARM, Freescale, Raspberry Pi and others via simple device API access to SeeControl.



ColdTracr is a cold chain monitoring application using the Moog ILC 2000 advanced cold chain monitoring device. It delivers high precision GPS location and NIST-calibrated temperature sensing to food distribution, labs, pharmacies, hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants—anywhere perishable and temperature-sensitive inventories are stored. Via the ILC 2000’s robust sensor ports, customers can upgrade to more sensing options and enhanced business workflows.



VehicleTracr is a simple and extremely affordable Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) for small and medium sized businesses. It delivers vehicle location, fuel usage, idle time and trip information for service providers looking to offer a mass market fleet solution.



GenSensr is a SaaS tracking and monitoring service for generators. It offers precise generator event and fault reporting, location, fuel level and fuel theft detection. Optimize the use of remote generators with detailed reporting, visual analytics and an optional lease management module for equipment rental companies.



CargoTracr is a turnkey container tracking application using the Rezolt R-416 Container Tracking Device. From globally dispersed containers it delivers location, shock, vibration and temperature readings directly to your web browser. Customers experience higher supply chain velocity with reduced product shrinkage, theft and cargo tampering.



SiteSensr is a hosted internet application that tracks and monitors critical assets, equipment, and inventories across your work sites. GPS, barcode scanning, sensors and online workflows can give your equipment a voice and drive better project margins.



ThingTracr is a universal asset tracker, thing locator and insurance tool using the GlobalSat TR-151 battery-powered tracking device. It delivers endless functionality to manage your cars, trucks, pallets, boxes and equipment.


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SeeControl has saved us millions to the bottom line and powered rapid topline services growthTony Wisniewski — ABB

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